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Connessioni XBee con device .NET Gadgeteer (Italiano)

By Mike Dodaro, translated by Marco Minerva from the original English version Le schede XBee hanno un costo estramamente contenuto e possono essere integrate in qualsiasi tipo di device. Il loro raggio di funzionamento supera quello delle connessioni Bluetooth. L’articolo Zigbee Networking with XBee Series 2 and Seeed’s Products fornisce una rapida introduzione alle funzionalità di XBee. Il libro di Robert Faludi intitolato Building Wireless […]

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XBee Radios in .NET Gadgeteer Devices

XBee radios are inexpensive and they can be embedded in all kinds of devices.  XBees can be networked so that a failure of one radio does not impar communication between and among others in the network.  Their range exceeds that of Bluetooth connections.  The article Zigbee Networking with XBee Series 2 and Seeed’s Products provides a quick overview of XBee […]

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Saving Sensor Data as Comma Separated Values (csv) on the SD Card

Data is often persisted in text files as comma separated values. This kind of data can be viewed and analyzed by Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software.  Applications based on the .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer can easily save data in this format using a module such as the GHI Electronics SD Card module. […]

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Posture Regulator using .NET Gadgeteer Accelerometer from Seeed Studio

People who work in technology often spend many hours at the computer, which can make it difficult to maintain good posture.  I’ve been advised by a physical therapist to keep my chest high with my head and neck upright.  The problem is that fatigue tends to make me slouch. Then my neck is out of alignment, […]

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.NET Gadgeteer Relay Circuit using DigitalOutput Interface

The relay scenario uses a low-voltage logic circuit to control another circuit, usually of higher voltage.  The relay in this example is a 5 volt DC single pole, single throw reed relay. It is used to switch a battery-driven motor on and off.  The switch is controlled by the Gadgeteer.DigitalOutput interface in a .NET Gadgeteer Visual Studio application. The schematic for this […]