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Creating an UDP Server with .NET Gadgeteer

Posted by Marco Minerva Some time ago, we presented a simple TCP Server for .NET Gadgeteer, that has been used in many other projects. Today, we’ll see how to create another kind of server, based on UDP protocol. Its behavior is similar to the one of our TCP Server, but it is simpler because with UDP we don’t have to take […]

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Wi-Fi Gadgeteer Robot controlled by Windows Phone with image streaming

Posted by Marco Minerva I have updagred the .NET Gadgeteer Robot I described in the post Constructing a Bluetooth controlled Robot, replacing the Bluetooth Module with Wi-Fi and adding a camera to stream images. The result is a Robot that can be controlled by a Windows Phone application, with which it is also possible to show […]

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Controlling a Light Switch using Windows Phone

Posted by Marco Minerva In this post, I’ll show how to control a Relay module using a Windows Phone app that is able to remotely turn on or off a light. (See also: Voice controlled home automation using Arduino) Let’s start creating a new Gadgeteer application. Connect the following modules to a FEZ Spider Mainboard: USB ClientDP; WiFi […]

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Connessioni XBee con device .NET Gadgeteer (Italiano)

By Mike Dodaro, translated by Marco Minerva from the original English version Le schede XBee hanno un costo estramamente contenuto e possono essere integrate in qualsiasi tipo di device. Il loro raggio di funzionamento supera quello delle connessioni Bluetooth. L’articolo Zigbee Networking with XBee Series 2 and Seeed’s Products fornisce una rapida introduzione alle funzionalità di XBee. Il libro di Robert Faludi intitolato Building Wireless […]

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.NET Gadgeteer event in Pisa, Italy

Yesterday, in Pisa, Italy, an event organized by the Tuscany .NET Community took place. We have continued the work on the robot we talked about during our first .NET Gadgeteer meeting, on May 12th. Our goals were the following: to update Rover in order to control it via Wi-Fi (the original version was based on […]

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