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Gadgeteer Home Automation System

Posted by Marco Minerva In this post I want to describe how to create a Home Automation System that puts together many of the modules and source code we talked about on this blog during the past months. In particular,  we’ll create a Gadgeteer device that uses touch screen capabilities of Display T35 to provide access […]

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Using voice commands to control a servo

Posted by Marco Minerva I’m very interested in combining .NET Gadgeteer devices with other techonologies. In this post I’ll show how to use the Microsft Speech Platform to recognize speech and send commands to control a servo. Let’s start with the Gadgeteer device. We’ll use the HiTec HS-311 servo, the same that has been described […]

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Wi-Fi Gadgeteer Robot controlled by Windows Phone with image streaming

Posted by Marco Minerva I have updagred the .NET Gadgeteer Robot I described in the post Constructing a Bluetooth controlled Robot, replacing the Bluetooth Module with Wi-Fi and adding a camera to stream images. The result is a Robot that can be controlled by a Windows Phone application, with which it is also possible to show […]

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