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Using XBee Radios with .NET Gadgeteer and the XBeeClient Libraries

Using the .NET Gadgeteer platform with XBee radios got a lot easier with the alpha release of XBeeClient libraries written by Paul Mineau.  XBee radios use low-bandwidth serial protocol that is useful in many applications.  This example implements an XBee network using three XBee radios that support a surveillance device.  The .NET Gadgeteer modules include a Gyro module and Relay module from Seeed Studio, and a Camera […]

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Autonomous Builders, Makers, and Shakers

More than 100,000 people, a San Francisco Bay area contingent of what is called the maker movement, gathered in San Mateo over the weekend of May 19-20 at Maker Faire. This franchised gathering with copies in other cities is billed as “A two-day, family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the maker movement“.  It used to be called do-it-yourself (DIY), […]

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Constructing a Bluetooth controlled Robot

Posted by Marco Minerva In this post, I’ll show how to construct a robot with .NET Gadgeteer and how to control it using a Bluetooth connection from a PC application based on the 32feet.NET library. Let’s start from .NET Gadgeteer part. The base of our robot is the Rover 5 Tank Chassis, that provides two […]

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.NET Gadgeteer Bluetooth to Control Relay Circuits

Here is a simple adaptation of Marco Minerva’s previous example: Controlling a Gadgeteer device using Bluetooth Module and 32feet.NET library.  This application uses the GHI Electronics Bluetooth Module to control the relays on a Seeed Relay Module.  You can use this scenario to turn on lights, start a motor, or start or stop any electrical […]

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