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Implement a Light Sensor Module for .NET Gadgeteer

This example implements a new .NET Gadgeteer module from an Infrared Phototransistor and a 10 kilo ohm pull-up resistor.  It uses the GHI Electronics Extender Module to connect the simple hardware.  The output activates binary logic on a general-purpose digital input/output pin, operating at 3.3 volts.  This case is not difficult to understand.  Many other binary operations can be done […]

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.NET Gadgeteer; more Simple Graphics

The Display_T35 module and the DisplayModule.SimpleGraphics object can display various graphics.  This example draws ellipses and sets the colors and sizes of the ellipses according to the voltage a GHI Electonics Potentiometer module.  Just for fun it also matches the color of a GHIElectronics MulticolorLed to that of the ellipse that is drawn on the screen. On each Timer.Tick event the .NET […]


.NET Gadgeteer Display Simple Graphics

This example uses the GHI Electronics Display_T35 module, the Potentiometer, and a Button to demonstrate use of the Display Module Simple Graphics interface.  The application displays circles, or symmetrical ellipses, on an orange background based on the coordinates of a Window.TouchDown event. The size of the circle is determined by the potentiomenter setting. The Display_T35 touch screen displays circles where a […]

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New seeed .NET Gadgeteer Compatible Modules

The new .NET Gadgeteer compatible modules from seeed Studio include: Accelerometer Module Barometer Module Button Module Camera Module Cellular Radio Module Current Module Display t35 Module Ethernet Module Extender Module GPS Module Gyro Module Joystick Module Moisture Module Potentiometer Module Pulse Oximeter Module Relay Module SD Card Module Serial-USB Module Smart Multicolor LED USB Client DP Module USB […]

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New Sytech .NET Gadgeteer Compatible Modules and Nano Mainboard

Sytech Designs Ltd has released its new .NET Gadgeteer compatible Nano Mainboard and modules, including: Gadgeteer NANO Ethernet SD Module 3 Axis Accelerometer Module ZigBee XBEE Module Gadgeteer LCD 4.3 Touch Module Gadgeteer Serial Camera Module Button with LED Module Serial to USB Module USB Device and Power Supply Module  Expansion and Debug Module

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.NET Gadgeteer Potentiometer Voltage Display Graph

This example graphs the voltage variation of a GHI Electronics Potentiometer on the Display_T35.  The output looks like this: The modules are assembled in the Visual Studio .NET Gadgeteer Designer, including the GHI Electronics Potentiometer, a MultiColor LED, a button, the Display_T35, and GHI Electronics Fez Spider Mainboard. The voltage of the potentiometer ranges from 0 – 3.3 volts.  […]

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.NET Gadgeteer Web Services; Picture, Audio, Application

This example uses the GHI Electronics Ethernet_J11D module to set up and run three .NET Gadgeteer Web services that return client Web requests for a picture, an audio file, and an .rtf WordPad application file. <This sample has been updated for new API.   It demonstrates initialization of Web events using WebServer.SetUpWebEvent.> The Web services are initialized in the […]


.NET Gadgeteer Web Service Surveillance Camera

Here’s an example that uses the GHI Electronics Ethernet_J11D module to implement a surveillance camera that sends pictures to a Web browser.  Web Server functionality is part of the Gadgeteer.Networking class. <This code updated on January 24, 2012, to use the new API > The example uses the GHIElectronics modules shown in the following screen shot of the Visual Studio .NET […]


.NET Gadgeteer Camera,Touch Screen, and Storage

This device is implemented using the modules and mainboard that ship with the GHI Electronics Spider Kit for Micorosoft .NET Gadgeteer.  It uses the GHI Electronics .NET Gadgeteer Display T35 Module touch screen to activate the camera and to display bitmaps captured by the camera.  The device is powered by the USB Client DP Module (UsbClientDP) connected to the USB port […]


.NET Gadgeteer Designer

The Visual Studio .NET Gadgeteer Designer can graphically assemble the components of a device with an embedded microcontroller.  This example shows the .NET Gadgeteer modules included in the GHI Electronics Fez Spider Starter Kit with the Fez Spider ARM7 processor. The Designer is a drag-and-drop interface that lets you drag modules from the Visual Studio toolbox to the design surface and […]


Origin of the .NET Gadgeteer Platform

The .NET Gadgeteer platform was created by Steve Hodges and the Sensors and Devices Team at Microsoft Research Cambridge.  Steve was working on SenseCam, a wearable camera that takes photos automatically.  The project took months of research and development, but in the process .NET Gadgeteer was launched.  Devices like SenseCam can now be implemented in hours […]

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