New seeed .NET Gadgeteer Compatible Modules

The new .NET Gadgeteer compatible modules from seeed Studio include:

  • Accelerometer Module
  • Barometer Module
  • Button Module
  • Camera Module
  • Cellular Radio Module
  • Current Module
  • Display t35 Module
  • Ethernet Module
  • Extender Module
  • GPS Module
  • Gyro Module
  • Joystick Module
  • Moisture Module
  • Potentiometer Module
  • Pulse Oximeter Module
  • Relay Module
  • SD Card Module
  • Serial-USB Module
  • Smart Multicolor LED
  • USB Client DP Module
  • USB Host Module
  • WiFi RS21 Module

<<< Note that the drivers for these modules are now available.  For more information, see: >>>

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