.NET Gadgeteer event in Pisa, Italy

Yesterday, in Pisa, Italy, an event organized by the Tuscany .NET Community took place. We have continued the work on the robot we talked about during our first .NET Gadgeteer meeting, on May 12th. Our goals were the following:

  1. to update Rover in order to control it via Wi-Fi (the original version was based on Bluetooth) and to attach a webcam to it to make image streaming;
  2. to make an app for Windows Phone and one for Windows 8 to control the robot.

Here is the new version of the Robot:

.NET Gagdeteer Robot with Wi-Fi and camera

.NET Gagdeteer Robot with Wi-Fi and camera

The porting from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi version has been straightforward. For the server running on .NET Gadgeteer device, I have used the ServerSocket classs I created some times ago.

So, here is a video that shows the Windows Phone app controlling the Robot:

In the next days, I’ll write more detailed articles about the Gadgeteer Robot and the Windows 8/Windows Phone applications.

  1. Steve Jacob

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