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New version of Text-To-Speech library

Posted by Marco Minerva Some weeks ago I talked about my library for Text-To-Speech with .NET Micro Framework. In the mean time, The Microsoft Translator Service, that I use in my library, has been moved to Azure and has been enhanced with new features. Now it is able to return streams in both WAV and […]



How to Initialize the .NET Gadgeteer WiFi Networking Module

Initializing the GHI Electronics WiFi RS21 module involves some different issues than initializing the Ethernet_J11D Module.  It took several runs to get my WiFi module working.  I don’t know all the permutations of WiFi networking, so I used a trial-and-error approach. First, I plugged in the WiFi_RS21 module and added start-up code, equivalent to what I have been using with my ethernet module, […]



GHI Electronics Music Module Play method using FileStream or MemoryStream

If you have used the GHI Electronics Music Module, you have probably noticed that audio files larger than 600 K run out of memory and throw an exception.  The current driver implements a Play method that does not support playing audio from a FileStream or MemoryStream. The existing method takes a byte[] array parameter that requires the entire file to be loaded in […]

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GPS Module for .NET Gadgeteer by Seeed Studio

It may be helpful to discuss a few details about the initialization and output of the Seeed GPS Module for .NET Gadgeteer.  The first time I tried to use this module, I wasn’t patient enough to let the device initialize and start producing data. This example uses the Seeed GPS Module and prints to the Debug output window of Visual Studio.  Add the GPS […]