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Connessioni XBee con device .NET Gadgeteer (Italiano)

By Mike Dodaro, translated by Marco Minerva from the original English version Le schede XBee hanno un costo estramamente contenuto e possono essere integrate in qualsiasi tipo di device. Il loro raggio di funzionamento supera quello delle connessioni Bluetooth. L’articolo Zigbee Networking with XBee Series 2 and Seeed’s Products fornisce una rapida introduzione alle funzionalità di XBee. Il libro di Robert Faludi intitolato Building Wireless […]

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XBee Radios in .NET Gadgeteer Devices

XBee radios are inexpensive and they can be embedded in all kinds of devices.  XBees can be networked so that a failure of one radio does not impar communication between and among others in the network.  Their range exceeds that of Bluetooth connections.  The article Zigbee Networking with XBee Series 2 and Seeed’s Products provides a quick overview of XBee […]

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How to Initialize the .NET Gadgeteer WiFi Networking Module

Initializing the GHI Electronics WiFi RS21 module involves some different issues than initializing the Ethernet_J11D Module.  It took several runs to get my WiFi module working.  I don’t know all the permutations of WiFi networking, so I used a trial-and-error approach. First, I plugged in the WiFi_RS21 module and added start-up code, equivalent to what I have been using with my ethernet module, […]