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New version of Text-To-Speech library

Posted by Marco Minerva Some weeks ago I talked about my library for Text-To-Speech with .NET Micro Framework. In the mean time, The Microsoft Translator Service, that I use in my library, has been moved to Azure and has been enhanced with new features. Now it is able to return streams in both WAV and […]



Text-To-Speech for .NET Micro Framework

Posted by Marco Minerva I’m very interested in the possibility of making my applications speak. So, I have realized a library for .NET Micro Framework that uses Microsoft Translator to obtain streams of wave-file speaking text in the desired language. At this moment, there are 44 supported languages, including English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese […]



Text-To-Speech per .NET Micro Framework (Italiano)

Inviato da Marco Minerva Sono sempre stato appassionato dalla possibilità di far parlare le mie applicazioni.  Ho così realizzato una libreria per .NET Micro Framework che sfrutta Microsoft Translator per ottenere uno stream contenente il parlato del testo che è stato inviato al servizio tramite una chiamata REST. Attualmente, sono supportate ben 44 lingue, tra […]


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