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Using XBee Radios with .NET Gadgeteer and the XBeeClient Libraries

Using the .NET Gadgeteer platform with XBee radios got a lot easier with the alpha release of XBeeClient libraries written by Paul Mineau.  XBee radios use low-bandwidth serial protocol that is useful in many applications.  This example implements an XBee network using three XBee radios that support a surveillance device.  The .NET Gadgeteer modules include a Gyro module and Relay module from Seeed Studio, and a Camera […]

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Saving Sensor Data as Comma Separated Values (csv) on the SD Card

Data is often persisted in text files as comma separated values. This kind of data can be viewed and analyzed by Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software.  Applications based on the .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer can easily save data in this format using a module such as the GHI Electronics SD Card module. […]

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