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Wi-Fi Gadgeteer Robot controlled by Windows Phone with image streaming

Posted by Marco Minerva I have updagred the .NET Gadgeteer Robot I described in the post Constructing a Bluetooth controlled Robot, replacing the Bluetooth Module with Wi-Fi and adding a camera to stream images. The result is a Robot that can be controlled by a Windows Phone application, with which it is also possible to show […]

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Controlling a Light Switch using Windows Phone

Posted by Marco Minerva In this post, I’ll show how to control a Relay module using a Windows Phone app that is able to remotely turn on or off a light. (See also: Voice controlled home automation using Arduino) Let’s start creating a new Gadgeteer application. Connect the following modules to a FEZ Spider Mainboard: USB ClientDP; WiFi […]

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Controlling the Servo using a Windows Phone application

Posted by Marco Minerva In the post Using a Servo in a .NET Gadgeteer Camera Device we saw how to create a .NET Gadgeteer application that uses a Servo to change the direction of the Camera, takes a photo and uploads it to a Web Service. Now, we’ll realize a Windows Phone application to remotely […]

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