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Posture Regulator using .NET Gadgeteer Accelerometer from Seeed Studio

People who work in technology often spend many hours at the computer, which can make it difficult to maintain good posture.  I’ve been advised by a physical therapist to keep my chest high with my head and neck upright.  The problem is that fatigue tends to make me slouch. Then my neck is out of alignment, […]

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Modulo Seeed Cellular Radio per .NET Gadgeteer (Italiano)

By Mike Dodaro, translated by Marco Minerva from the original English version Il driver per il modulo Cellular Radio di Seeed Studio è ancora in fase di sviluppo, quindi il codice che lavora con esso non è deve essere considerato definitivo. Detto questo, per usare questo modulo per effettuare chiamate vocali è necessario solo conoscere la sintassi […]

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Seeed Cellular Radio Module for .NET Gadgeteer

The drivers for the Cellular Radio module from Seeed Studio are still in development, so any code using this module has to be tentative at this stage. << Note: the new driver  by Eduardo Velloso has now been released: Drivers for the .NET Gadgeteer Cellular Radio Module.>> That said, using the module for voice calling requires only a little information about […]

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Seeed Temperature Humidity Sensor with OLED Display

The modules available for .NET Gadgeteer now include some interesting modules by Seeed Studio.  This example uses two of them: Temperature Humidity Sensor OLED Display The application code is very simple, as shown in the following block. Note: Don’t use higher voltage than needed to drive components.  Excess power is dissipated as heat.  After running this example for […]

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.NET Gadgeteer Gyro Module from Seeed Studio

Here’s an example that graphically displays data from the Seeed Gyro module for .NET Gadgeteer.  The GHI Electronics Display_T35 module displays the output. Plug the Gyro module into Socket 3.  Connect the display module and a button in the .NET Gadgeteer designer, but do not connect the optional touch-screen cable to Socket 10.  Apparently the touch screen is incompatible with the Seeed Gyro and […]

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