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Posture Regulator with LED Alert – Silent

This is a second iteration on the device using a Seeed accelerometer as posture sensor that sends alerts when the user’s posture lapses from the position desirable for working extended periods in the seated position.  The previous version used a buzzer on a relay circuit as an alert.  It produced a sound that could drive one to distraction.  This version uses a LED that simply […]

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Web Service REST per registrare dati da un sensore .NET Gadgeteer (Italiano)

Translated by Marco Minerva from the English version by Michael Dodaro Questo esempio mostra come inviare messaggi da un’applicazione .NET Gadgeteer verso un Web service REST che registra i dati sull’attivazione di un sensore. In questo caso il sensore è il Light Sensor implementato in uno dei precedenti post. Il messaggio è semplicemente un identificativo […]

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REST Web Service to Record Data from a .NET Gadgeteer Sensor Device

This example demonstrates how to send notification from a .NET Gadgeteer sensor to a REST Web service that records data about the sensor activation.  In this case the sensor is the Light Sensor implemented in the previous post.  The notification data is simply a sensor account identifier and the date and time the sensor is activated.  The code is extensible for various types […]

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