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Posture Regulator with LED Alert – Silent

This is a second iteration on the device using a Seeed accelerometer as posture sensor that sends alerts when the user’s posture lapses from the position desirable for working extended periods in the seated position.  The previous version used a buzzer on a relay circuit as an alert.  It produced a sound that could drive one to distraction.  This version uses a LED that simply […]

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Windows-like Interface for the .NET Gadgeteer Display (English)

by Marco Minerva (translated from Italian by Mike Dodaro) In the preceding post we created graphical interfaces using the display platform of .NET Gadgeteer.  We have seeen how the controls available are extensible in the implementation of complex user interfaces. We would like to realize a shielded “Windows-like” UI, that is, with title bar and status bar. We create a class named MainWindow, which the Canvas […]


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