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REST Web Service to Record Data from a .NET Gadgeteer Sensor Device

This example demonstrates how to send notification from a .NET Gadgeteer sensor to a REST Web service that records data about the sensor activation.  In this case the sensor is the Light Sensor implemented in the previous post.  The notification data is simply a sensor account identifier and the date and time the sensor is activated.  The code is extensible for various types […]

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.NET Gadgeteer Web Services; Picture, Audio, Application

This example uses the GHI Electronics Ethernet_J11D module to set up and run three .NET Gadgeteer Web services that return client Web requests for a picture, an audio file, and an .rtf WordPad application file. <This sample has been updated for new API.   It demonstrates initialization of Web events using WebServer.SetUpWebEvent.> The Web services are initialized in the […]


.NET Gadgeteer Web Service Surveillance Camera

Here’s an example that uses the GHI Electronics Ethernet_J11D module to implement a surveillance camera that sends pictures to a Web browser.  Web Server functionality is part of the Gadgeteer.Networking class. <This code updated on January 24, 2012, to use the new API > The example uses the GHIElectronics modules shown in the following screen shot of the Visual Studio .NET […]